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MindViz Tracker - FREE Real-time Web Site Tracking, Statistics and Tools
  It's Been A Great Run, but times have changed and it's time to move on...
Back in 2003 web analytics software was a fairly open ground, and we did quite a good job providing new innovative tools / features that other programs did not offer. We peaked between 2008 and 2010, and our numbers have declined. It's been hard not being able to dedicate the kind of time required to evolve a product like this, and with free web analytics software like Google Analytics, it's virtually impossible to compete at this level. We have been running the site at a loss for quite a few years now to maintain the product for our dedicated customers, but we have reached a point where it is no longer feasible to keep it online as a live tracking product. We would like to thank everyone who had an interest in MVTracker, for giving us a chance in this field.

Please feel free to keep MindViz.com, or MVTracker.com on your radar as at some point in the future we may begin work on something new.
  Our Features:
  • MySpace Visitor Tracking Code New
  • Fast & Accurate Realtime Visitor Tracking
  • Extensive Stats Summary Page
  • Track Page Views as well as Unique & Return Visitors
  • Private & Hidden Tracking*
  • Search Bot Analysis*
  • 100% Accurate, No-Downtime PHP Tracking Code*
  • SEO Tools
  • Stats by Hour,Day,Month and Year
  • from Search, Website, EMail - Referral Tracking
  • Traffic Forecasts
  • Extensive Lists (Pages, Referral Links, Search Engines, Keywords, etc..)
  • Tracks what ISP, City, State & Country your Visitors are from
  • Visitor Path Tracking
  • Link Up multiple Accounts for Network Wide Traffic Summary Page!
  • Who's Online List
  • 30,90,120 day Trend Graphs
  • Mini-Trend Graph for your website
  • Custom Link Tracking
  • Who's Online Counter & Hit Counter Codes
  • Link Exchange Code (easily manage traffic trades)
  • Poll Box Code (get feedback)
  • & much more, all FREE!
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